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Math, Science and Wilderness Skills

Holistic STEM Enrichment Program

Math and science have never been this fun! Get ready for rockets, Rube Goldberg devices, survival skills, and much more. Let's explore!

Explorations uses Naturalist Training (and Wilderness Skills) as a hands-on platform for learning concepts of Life Science, Earth science, Chemistry, Environmental science, Sustainability, Physics, Geometry, and Algebra through hands-on experience.

Explore and learn the fundamentals of math and science (and develop fine motor skill and sensory awareness) in relation to the world around us through multi-sensory, experiential adventures and project based learning.

Experiences include making friction fire, tracking, edible and medicinal plants, creating field guides for local flora and fauna, bird language and shelter building.
It's all about Explorations!

Program Times | Fridays, 9:00am - 3:00pm
For Children Ages 8-14

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