Freedom Fridays

Homeschool enrichment holistic learning

Freedom Fridays

Emergent Adventures in Holistic Learning

Freedom Fridays is a one day enrichment program that embodies the fun of learning! Children take ownership of their education, pursuing their passions in a supportive, enriching environment. Each Friday, youth work with the Mentor and their group to create the day's curriculum: they plan enrichment classes, fun interactive projects, field trips and learning adventures. Gain the confidence and self-awareness to make their dreams become realities!

Not only do they build skills in the day's chosen content, the learn how to plan, set goals, and carry a process all the way through to meeting those goals. Learners work and play together in mixed age groups with Mentors who model curiosity, creativity, conscious communication, and a love of learning.

Program Times | Fridays, 9:00am - 3:00pm
For Children Ages 3-6

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