Pre-K Program

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program

Nurturing New Learners 

Early childhood is a time of innocence, wonder and exploration. Whole Life Learning Center provides loving mentorship and an environment that...

• Enriches the imagination with creative play
• Nourishes the soul through song, stories and art
• Inspires the mind through fun challenges and multi-sensory learning
• Feeds the heart through connection with each other and nature

Our holistic early childhood learning environment is designed using beautiful and inspiring natural elements and materials. The daily flow is prepared with purposeful activities, designed to develop the whole child (physically, mentally, socially-emotionally), and help them create a sense of order, coordination, concentration, and independence. The materials and environment allow children to learn using a hands-on, multi-sensory approach.

Children are invited to move freely through the space, selecting activities based on their individual interests and abilities; they work at their own pace and level of development. Through careful observation, Mentors introduce new concepts as the children demonstrate readiness to learn new skills. Mixed ages in the classroom allow children to learn from one another and work cooperatively. An emphasis is placed on learning to care for self, others, and the environment. Art, music, culture, and the wonders of the natural world are woven into each area of learning.

Program Times | 9:00  am - 3:00 pm
Extended care is available until 6:00 pm daily.
For children 3-5 yrs.
Four, five, and one-day (Ruby Freedom Fridays) options are available.

Freedom Fridays

Freedom Fridays is a one-day enrichment program that embodies the fun of learning! Children take ownership of their education, pursuing their passions in a supportive, enriching environment. Each Friday, youth work with the Mentor and their group to create the day's curriculum: they plan enrichment classes, fun interactive projects, field trips and learning adventures. Students gain the confidence and self-awareness to make their dreams become realities!

Not only do they build skills in the day's chosen content, the learn how to plan, set goals, and carry a process all the way through to meeting those goals. Students work and play together in mixed age groups with Mentors who model curiosity, creativity, conscious communication, and a love of learning.

Program Times | Fridays, 9:00am - 3:00pm
For Children 3-6 yrs.

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