Summer Camps at Whole Life Learning Center

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Whole Life Learning's Summer Camps

Camp Indigo | Summer of 2021

Week 1: June 21st - June 25th

Week 2: June 28th - July 2nd

Entering its 20th year, this heartfelt summer camp offers exciting and creative opportunities for children ages 4-12 to express themselves, explore their world, and celebrate the magic of childhood. Camp Indigo helps your child build social-emotional skills through focusing on compassion and respect. The activities are designed to increase confidence, teach communication skills, and promote respect for self and others.

Activities for Camp Indigo include: music, movement, yoga, art, dance, gardening and more! 

Camp Indigo happens at WLLC and is offered by the Whole Life Learning Foundation.

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Camp Indigo 2019 - Session One
Camp Indigo 2019 - Session Two

Neuron Garage Summer Camp | TBD for Summer of 2021

At the Neuron Garage, your children repurpose recycled materials to solve fun, weekly building challenges. Along the way, they build the foundation for a vibrant and expansive future. Our thoughtfully trained team guides your children to tap into their own genius and to collaborate with their peers for inspiration and support. Campers learn how to give and receive feedback from other campers, how to push themselves to create their best work, and how to recover from frustration and setbacks in order to continue forward. As they build with their hands, these experiences build confidence and resilience, propelling them onto their next challenge — whether at camp or beyond.

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The Austin Artery | TBD Summer of 2021

The Austin Artery is a fine arts camp for elementary aged students. We believe that true creativity is cultivated through courage. We help our students develop the courage to paint, (or sculpt, or illustrate, or write...)  by focusing on the creative PROCESS rather than the product. Your child's love of learning, critical thinking skills, and ability to collaborate will blossom in our programs.  Scroll here to find the WLLC sessions.

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