Lead Mentor for Before & After School Care.

Hello! My name is Joe House and I will be joining the team as the Before care and After care Mentor. I have spent the last 6 years working with youth and plan to continue that work here. Some of my experience includes working with Urban Roots (a youth lead farm), it was there that I found out about the Amala Foundation, which then lead me to the Whole Life Learning Center. I came here to help plant some of the very first seeds in the food forest, some of which have grown to be some of the largest trees we see there. Now I am thrilled to be back to help the kids grow too!

I will be bringing a calm and understanding but fun energy to my time with the kids at Whole Life. I have come to realize that I learn more from youth than I do from adults sometimes, and I find that quite humbling. I enjoy helping them feel empowered through the process of accomplishing their amazing goals.

I've participated in programs such as Rise Up, Amala's Diversity Leadership Conference and I also spent time as a counselor at Amala's Global Youth Peace Summit. I still consider myself to be a big kid and I plan to utilize my experience and all that I have learned both as a youth and in becoming a Mentor in my approach to my work here with your children.