Support Mentor for Ruby Class.

Lisa is thrilled to be a mentor in the brand new preschool at Whole Life. She considered the opportunity to work at the school, both an honor and a blessing. While her background and experience lie in Montessori, she enjoys learning and implementing various styles of education in her classroom whenever possible. Prior to her Montessori training, she spent 6 years an Assistant Guide in various Montessori schools around the Austin area.

When she gained her certification, she acquired a Lead Guide position at The Khabele School and was there for 5 years prior to coming on board at WLLC. The spiritual focus and immense love she's gained through her work as a guide is invaluable, and she's happy to share it every day with the children, their families, and her co-workers. Caring for children and helping them to reach their full potential is her goal, and working on this dream helps her be her best!