Lead Mentor for the Amethyst Class & Friday Explorations.

Nico Romo's passion as an educator is to inspire his students to seek the mysteries of our world, and the mysteries that lie within themselves - and to discover the potential each of them has in shaping the future of our world. Nico was first inspired as an educator in 2010, teaching English at an orphanage in rural Cambodia. Through that experience, he discovered the world of Permaculture and sustainable development. In 2012, Nico graduated from Eckerd College with a BA in Biology and a BA in Environmental Studies.

Not long after landing in Austin, he found work with Green Gate Farms. Nico became the first Farm-based Educator for the non-profit organization, the New Farm Institute. There, Nico developed his true love for experiential education, integrating his scientific education with the sustainable agricultural practices of the farm. From 2014 to 2016, Nico was the primary bilingual teacher for 5th and 1st grade at a Title 1 elementary school in AISD.

Nico is an unbelievably blessed individual: father of two amazing children, Maia and Elias, husband to a remarkable woman named Ash, and companion to his best four-legged pal, Penny-Lane. He is thrilled to be a part of the wonderful community at Whole Life Learning Center.